After my sophomore year of college I spent my summer in a Buddhist monastery in England, where I wrote about my early explorations of Buddhism and meditation. I wrote mostly for my friends and family, so they understood what I was doing and why. A few silent retreats later, I realized that what I thought would be a brief dip into another world was actually the beginning of a path that I’ve pursued with fervor in the years that followed.

I continued to explore spirituality both experientially and academically, taking classes in Positive Psychology, the Neuroscience of Religion and Atheism, the Philosophy of Neuroscience, and the Psychology of Mindfulness. I continued to write, interning for Thrive Global after my junior year of college. And in my senior year of college I was appointed as the president of the Buddhist meditation club, where I taught meditation and led weekly discussions on Buddhist practice and theory. I’m now pursuing my masters in Spirituality and Mind Body Practices at Columbia University. 

A particularly inspiring part of my spiritual journey is the opportunity to share what I learn through writing and teaching. And that’s what this website is for. It’s an opportunity for me to share my journey with you in hopes that it might help you along you journey too.