Meditation Coaching

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I teach mindfulness meditation to groups and individuals who have goals ranging from stress reduction and relaxation to personal growth and spiritual development. I teach people who have never meditated before as well as those who are looking to deepen their practice or learn new techniques.

My training is primarily in the Vipassana or “insight” tradition. Vipassana meditation is centered on mindful awareness practices and comes from the Satipatthana Sutta [Foundations of Mindfulness], a text attributed to the Buddha. While my training is in Buddhist mindfulness practices, I teach a secular form of meditation inspired and influenced by the teachings of Shinzen Young, an American mindfulness teacher and neuroscience research consultant who developed a secular and systematic approach to teaching meditation, which he calls Unified Mindfulness. 

I also teach a range of practices outside of the Vipassana tradition, including guided imagery and loving-kindness, as well as a techniques and tools from positive psychology.