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"What a pleasure it was to learn from these two thoughtful, open-hearted and open-minded women. Kayla and Gigi are authentic, compassionate, and wise facilitators who create a nurturing, positive environment for meaningful personal exploration and development. I highly recommend attending a workshop led by Kayla and Gigi!"

– Heather French, Co-Founder of LilaMae.com and Kinesiologist & Brain Integration (BIT) Therapist

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“I was blown away by all the love and thought that went into this workshop. The attention to detail in nailing the pacing, variety, and meaningfulness of each session was astounding, and the mediators were rockstars. Tough to find all the right words but they are all great words!”

– Dan Lerman, Doctoral candidate at Columbia University’s Teachers College, Founder of Latitude Tutors, and Teacher at Saint Ann's School

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“Gigi and Kayla created a really safe space to explore the self and the self in relation to other people, to the community, to the Earth; to the Divine. They combine academic literature, science, new-age thinking, and old-age wisdom. That's pretty cool, and something we all need more of in life!”

– Catherine Hormats, Executive Coach and Organizational Psychologist

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“This was my first mindfulness group I have become a part of since moving to New York. I found the people and practices of enormous value. Some key take-aways I’ve had are the power of shared consciousness and modern practices to incorporate more peace and power into my daily life. I’m so excited for the next installment of this Art of Human Being series with the wonderful instructors Kayla and Gigi.”

– Rogan Allen, Artist and Music Specialist

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“Gigi and Kayla’s ‘The Art of Human Being’ is a truly wonderful, eye-opening experience. Gigi and Kayla both hold within them a curiosity and dedication to helping others live their best lives that is truly inspiring. The best part of the workshop is that it is attainable for everyone, no matter the amount of experience you bring with you. From first-time meditators to mindfulness experts, all are welcomed and walk away feeling a sense of community and love that is greatly sought after in a place like NYC. Catch these two wonderful ladies while you can! Thank you Gigi and Kayla, I can’t wait for the next workshop.”

– Sabrina Udwin, Doctoral candidate at Yeshiva University’s Ferkauf School of Psychology and Program Manager at the Child Mind Institute

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“While some of the concepts and sensations explored in this workshop can be foreign and (at times) challenging, it was incredibly rewarding. The energy fostered by the instructors with the group was extraordinary and helped heighten the impact of my takeaways from each lesson. You will walk away feeling empowered to continue your own personal growth in addition to your exploration of mindfulness and The Art of Human Being.”

– Sterling Lambert, Associate Director, Data & Analytics at Forsman & Bodenfors New York (formerly KBS)